When do you deliver?

We deliver Monday through Friday, 8:30am through 4:00pm. If a delivery is booked 24 hours in advance, we can arrange earlier or later deliveries.

How long does it take to receive a delivery?

We ask for approximately 30 minutes lead time to make your order, and an additional 30-45minutes to make the delivery. Please allow up to two hours for delivery especially during peak hours. Due to this long delivery window, we encourage that customers pick up their orders to eliminate the long wait.We highly encourage you to place lunch orders by 9am to ensure delivery at lunchtime.

What if I want a delivery outside of your delivery times?

Please make an order through Hellofoods.com, who we partner with to deliver salads and sandwiches, and lunch specials during our working hours.

Who is Hellofoods?

Hellofoods is an independent third-party ordering and delivery platform that we’ve partnered with. They have no daily cut-off times.

How much is your delivery fee?

The fee is dependent on distance. Our frontline staff will be happy to give you the current delivery charge to your location.

What is your delivery minimum?

If all you want is one sandwich or one salad, we will deliver it to you!

Can you deliver my catering order?

Please make arrangements for pick up when you place a catering/bulk order, as our delivery men use motorbikes and cannot deliver trays of food.

Can I order online?

Large catering orders can be placed online at least 24hours in advance. Due to network issues. We currently do not accept same day orders online.

Can I get my dressing on the side?

Our dressings are always delivered on the side to ensure that your salad stays fresh.

Can I order only dressings?

We have jars of dressing for sale available on request.

Can I make a special request?

All customizations must be made whilst placing your order. We cannot accept any modification after your order has been placed.

I’d like to cancel my order.

Same day orders cannot be cancelled. We can however change a delivery order to pick-up and vice versa. However, we calculate your delivery time from when you instruct us to deliver, and not when you originally ordered the food.

I’d like to modify my order.

If your order is for the next day(or later), place cancel your order and place a new one with the corrections using your order history to repeat the order. Same day orders cannot be cancelled or modified once the order has been placed.

I’d like to add to my order.

You may add to an existing order. However orders sent to the kitchen are queued in the system, and our kitchen staff prepare orders according to when they are received. For delivery orders especially, we suggest that you place a new order which will be delivered separately and therefore not delay your original order.

Do you have organic items?

All our fresh herbs are organic, and we are sourcing for organic vegetable suppliers so that we only use organic vegetables.

What are the nutritional contents of your salad?

Please visit this page for nutrition information.

Can you help me plan the menu for my event?

We would be happy to help you put together a menu that will work for you. Please let us know the number of people attending, preference for sandwiches or salads, and any dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free etc). We’ll provide you with creative options for your event.